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" ONE GOD ONE PEOPLE working together Changing the world "
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''ONE GOD ONE PEOPLEworking together changing the world''


We welcome you to the Nation Of God Ministries.It is our Prayer that this day be the best day of your life and that your experience here today be one of enlightenment,faith filling and empowerment.We are grateful to God for placing us on your heart to visit with us.We want you to know that we are aware of your presence and that your needs will take a special place as we Pray for you and yours.We believe that God is sovereign and it is His will to bless and prosper you.Let freedom ring as we praise God together in the beauty of Holiness as he adorn us with His power and His majesty.There is power in togetherness for where there is Unity there is strength.When we are together in one place and on one accord God always shows up.Be blessed in the Lord.

Apostle and Elect Lady Montgomery

Apostle Larry Montgomery


Ordination Photo's

August 28,2011

Ordination part 2


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